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Our History
German immigrants formed St. Lucas Evangelical Church and it was incorporated on September 9, 1880.The first church building was built on Denny Road. The name St. Lucas, or St. Lukas is the German spelling of the Christian Saint, St. Luke.
St. Luke was a healing physician and some historians believe that St. Luke was a noted painter for his beautiful canvas renderings of the Virgin. "St. Luke" or St. Lucas Cemetery is a beautiful canvas in its' own right and that beauty brings solace and healing to those who visit their loved ones. This Cemetery is surely a tribute to the Gospel writer St. Luke.

In addition to the original acreage set aside for the Cemetery; a second cemetery; Park Hill adjoined the property to the west of the St. Lucas property. In 1973, the Park Hill name was discontinued and it became an addition to St. Lucas Cemetery.

Burials, memorials and services have continued since 1880 with more than 2,700 interments dotting the beautifully landscaped grounds and tree-lined roadways. St. Lucas Evangelical and Reformed Church changed its name to St. Lucas United Church of Christ in 1964 and has continually worked to maintain the cemetery through an independent Cemetery Board that is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and assuring the financial stability of the Cemetery operations.

This historic place is the final resting place to a diverse group of people. From paupers to judges, to veterans serving in the Civil War through the Vietnam War. Monuments and markers are as varied as the people who are buried here. Simple marble slabs, to the giant "Woodsman of the World" tree monuments to the most modern and polished granite headstones adorn this place of beauty. 


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Perpetual Care

St. Lucas is an Endowed, Perpetual Care Cemetery and regulated by the State of Missouri Office of Endowed Care Cemeteries. A percentage of every lot sale is placed in a trust fund to assure the purchasers of those lots that the funds will be available to maintain this park-like setting for many, many years.

St. Lucas Cemetery Modern, yet Historic.

We are in the process of bringing this beautiful, historic place into the 21st Century by computerizing the 120-year-old record books.


/files/About us/Cemetery/Photos_Cemetery/DSC_0388.JPGAt Your Service

Our Cemetery Board works with dedicated volunteers as well as the church office staff to assure you of prompt attention and specialized care.

This Endowed Care Cemetery is Non-Sectarian and offers competitive rates for both lot purchases as well as interments.

We are a member of the Associated Cemeteries of Missouri.

St. Lucas Cemetery Accessible Location

Located in South St. Louis County, our cemetery is one mile from the Gravois Road/Interstate 270 intersection. You will find it on Denny Road between Lindbergh Boulevard to the West and Sappington Road to the East.

This non-gated cemetery surrounds the St. Lucas Church grounds and is available for visitation daily.


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Contacting Us

Contact us at 11735 Denny Road St. Louis, MO 63126 Phone: 314-843-2100 Fax 314-843-4410 should you have questions about our cemetery.

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