St. Lucas UCC Tribute Garden

Give a Gift that Leaves a Legacy




Why Buy a Brick?

In honor of Mother's Day or Memorial Day, please consider giving a gift that will leave a legacy and purchase a Tribute Garden Brick. To order a brick, pick up an order form in the Welcome Center or print an order form listed here and turn it in to the church office. For more information, please contact Pam at 314-884-6116.

By purchasing a brick in the St. Lucas Tribute Garden, you are not only assisting in the reduction of our Church's debt, but also enhancing the beauty of our landscape and adding to our rich history for the enjoyment of future generations. Purchasing a brick is a wonderful way to honor or pay tribute to parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren or a cherished friend.

 How to Order

To order a brick, download an order form by selecting the desired size brick below.  Please return your completed form (s), along with payment, to the church office.

4 x 8 brick - $250 each

 8 x 8 brick - $500 each

12 x 12 paver - $1,000 each