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                                                               Fall, 2017

Education for adults is offered regularly at St. Lucas United Church of Christ through the efforts of the Adult Education Committee who work to provide a variety of learning opportunities geared to adults throughout the program year. We encourage and welcome your participation!  








Miles Meyer and Bill Biedenstein
St. Lucas Members
Sundays, November 19; December 3, 10, & 17
10:10 in the Adult Ed Room

Have you ever wondered why Mary and Joseph had such trouble finding a place to stay in Bethlehem, when they would have been among relatives? Sometimes old, familiar stories aren’t as familiar as we think they are when seen in a new light. In this DVD, Dr. Kenneth Bailey draws upon his decades of research and teaching in the Middle East to reveal a fresh perspective on the stories connected with the birth of Jesus. Each session of this series entitled A Clear View of the Birth of Jesus, features a 30 minute presentation with ample time for discussion led by church members Miles Meyer and Bill Biedenstein. 










Doing the Will of God:
Studies in Matthew's Gospel 
With Pastor Keith





Starting Tuesday, September 12th

@ 10:00 a.m.