St. Lucas UCC Environmental Committee


Ever wonder what you can and can't recycle at home?

Click here to read a great article on does and don'ts.


What can you recycle at St. Lucas?

In the church: We have single stream recycling in the blue cans--read the recycling cans for help in choosing what to put in the recycling can, and what needs to go in the trash can. Help us reduce the amount we place in our trash dumpster. Please empty all soda cans before placing them in the blue cans

Inside in the Social Hall Corner: Ink cartridges, cell phones, rechargeable/lithium batteries, plastic grocery bags,corks and eyeglasses.

In the bins outside: Paper, magazines (No cardboard or plastic bags please)

In the Kitchen: Compostable ltems go in the GREEN Totes--if it came from the ground it can go in there--please see the posters for more details or ask one of us. The tote is lined with a special compostable bag. Napkins, all compostable cups, plates and bowls, and any foods go in the green totes.

All moneys come back to St. Lucas-what an easy way to contribute. 

    Clothing Donation Box

You may have noticed the yellow box that looks like a house on our parking lot.  It is our clothing donation box. By donating clothes in this Charity Clothing box, you will accomplish three things:

1. St. Lucas will receive money, based on the weight of our clothes, from your donation that will go directly into the St. Lucas general fund.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you need a tax receipt, please call 314-416-8282 or email the request:
2. You will keep your old clothing out of the landfill.  Studies have shown that up to 85% of used textiles end up in landfills.
3. You will help provide jobs in our local area. Charity Clothing sells the items in bulk to thrift stores. These stores are all in the USA.
PLEASE NOTE:  All items must be in kitchen size trash bags (13 gallon size).  Offer to take donations from your friends and neighbors, as anything that goes into our box will yield money for St. Lucas!


 Magazine Lending Library

The Environmental Committee has set up a Magazine Lending Library at the top of the stairs, near the elevator, on the Office level. Please feel free to take magazines to read and then return them for others to read.  You may also bring magazines to share, provided they are less than 6 months old.  Older magazines will be recycled in the bins outside. This lending library lives out the motto of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Even the rack is recycled--it was originally from Borders and we found it on Craig's List. The owner was more than happy to donate it for free when he found out what it would be used for.


Did you know?

Electronics Recycling
Have old computers, phones, or radios that you cannot wait to get out of your house?  The City of Sunset Hills and W.I.T.S will be offering electronic recycling the 3rd Saturday of every month (February thru November only!)  from 10:00am-4:00pm in the Community Center parking lot.  



   Reusable St. Lucas grocery bags--Bring Your Own Bag

  Get them in the office anytime, $3.00 a piece.
Go green and spread the word about St. Lucas all at the same time.



 Committee Project Goals for 2015/16/17

1. Continue to educate members and staff about the importance of using single stream recycling and composting bins properly  ONGOING

2. Continue to educate the church on having a greener outlook  ONGOING

3. Continue with Energy Audit to look at ways to save the church money--specifically occupancy sensors-ONGOING

5. Investigate becoming an Energy Star church.

6. Investigate and work towards replacing the kitchen dishwasher.


 Goals Realized in 2014/15/16

1. Composting instituted and use has continued to grow. 3750 pounds were composted in 2016!

2. Clothing Donation Box provided outside for members and community

3. Magazine donation rack provided to recycle current magazines among members.

4. Occupancy sensors have been placed in the upstairs bathrooms and the Youth Room.

5. Helped facilitate a 3 week Sunday Adult Education series on green topics, Fall '14

6.Kitchen is now stocked with only washable or compostable items.

7. Compostable items are now used for church wide events like the Ice Cream Social and Living Nativity.







Spring Gardening?

Have you been busy planting flowers?  Please recycle those cell packs and pots responsibly and prevent them from entering landfills.  For info:MOBotplasticpotrecyclinginfo

The St. Lucas Kitchen is GREEN!

We are styrofoam free! Everything in the kitchen is now washable or compostable. Please feel free to ask us for help if you are hosting an event and we will be glad to assist you. Please help us on Sunday mornings by placing your napkins, wooden stirrers and uneaten doughnuts in the bin provided on the dirty coffee cup cart--less trash and more compostables is always a good thing! Since we started composting in August of 2014, we have kept 488 pounds of trash out of the landfill (148 lbs. in '14, 340 lbs in '15, 3750 lbs. in '16) which has been converted into compost that will be reused to add nutrients to somebody's garden.


How can you be greener?

  Commit to making lasting changes to go greener this year by adopting a few easy new habits:

  • Trade paper towels for a stack of washable dish cloths
  • Use real napkins instead of paper
  • Swap out your cleaning products for natural methods
  • Check out a local farmer’s market for fresh produce
  • Shut off lights when you leave the room
  • Rid your house of styrofoam

Meeting Information

We are always looking for more members.

Here is our meeting schedule for 2017

The following Mondays @ 6:30PM

January 23

April 24

July 24

October 23


Information you need to know

---In the U.S., incandescent bulbs will be phased out by 2014 under the CLEAN Energy Act of 2007. Still have questions about what a CFL is? For more information: Energy Star Lighting Info St. Lucas has new greener lighting in the Social Hall installed in 2011!

     ---The Environmental Committee serves you Free Trade coffee and doughnuts every 3rd Sunday of the month in the Social Hall.

    ---Free trade coffee and other goodies are available for purchase the first Sunday of every month--shop and feel good about it! Be a part of the UCC Coffee Project. Buy what we serve every Sunday.                  For more information:




Feel the need to purge your closets, but you don't want to just throw the stuff away?  Have you said "somebody should be able to use this" ?  Not good enough for our April Rummage Sale?  Here is the answer to your problem--find a useful place for that stuff to go: