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My family has been blessed with St. Lucas Preschool. Preschool  is such a time of innocence, sweetness and development.  St. Lucas has prepared my son in every area to be ready for kindergarten. I never doubted he'd be ready academically, but socially and emotionally as well. The attitude and atmosphere at St. Lucas is one of calm, kind, and acceptance. Every one of the staff accepts your kid and your family as you are. That is invaluable. The director and staff are happy to discuss concerns and help you manage trouble spots together. This was sadly our last year at St. Lucas but I am so happy that we found this wonderful school. ----Erin Brovey


My family has loved St. Lucas Preschool all the way back since 1986! My sister and I were students at St. Lucas many years ago. I remember my parents saying often how I loved going to school there so I knew one day I wanted my kids to go there as well. My oldest son is currently enrolled at St. Lucas and his brother is not far behind him! Over the years St. Lucas has stayed a top preschool in the area known for fully preparing their students for Kindergarten. The teachers and assistants are so pleasant and upbeat, they created a really positive and safe environment. My husband and I are highly satisfied with the quality of care they provide. I am thrilled that my son had the same experience I did, and with full confidence recommend St. Lucas Preschool to anyone looking for a great school for their kids! ----Lauren Ortinau


St. Lucas preschool is where I knew I wanted to send my children.  My oldest had such a positive introduction to school.  It provided a great springboard for a life long love of learning - what a gift!  My mother sent all three of her kids including myself there and is a firm believer our love for learning stems from our preschool experience.  When her grandchildren were getting close to preschool age she explained to us, "St. Lucas kids are the most prepared for Kindergarten, both emotionally and academically!"  My youngest will now be the sixth grandchild to start St. Lucas.  And, I couldn't agree with her more.  St. Lucas helps create considerate little people.  Walking in that building gives you a warm and loving feeling that you will remember for a lifetime.     ----Sarah Miller
Between my father and my aunt (father's sister), they have had 4 children and 11 grandchildren participate in the programs at St. Lucas preschool from 1979 to the present day. Three grandchildren are currently enrolled in the program. My parents and my aunt said that the reason why they sent their children was that they heard by word of mouth from family and friends that it was a very good program. The reason why they wanted their grandchildren to go to St. Lucas is because of the program's excellent reputation for preparing children for kindergarten. They admire the dedication and positive attitude of the teachers. The children learn about personal responsibility, sharing with others and good manners. The teachers are creative in the lessons they present and the children have fun! My aunt also remarked that she liked how children of the same age are grouped in the same class. Between all the children and grandchildren who have gone to St. Lucas, our families have shirts for redbirds, bluebirds, purplebirds, orangebirds, whitebirds, and yellowbirds. My cousin was a yellowbird when she went and her youngest son is now a yellowbird. My father has taken grandchildren to field trips at Eckerts, Stuckmeyers, Suson Park, Brookdale Farms and Purina Farms. My mother has loved all of the recitals and my aunt said that she loved soup day and likes observing how different grandchildren react to the soup (some really like it, some really don't). I have had two children participate in the program. It truly is like a rite of passage in their young lives and from what I have witnessed first-hand, they love every minute of their St. Lucas experience.
Thank you so much for serving us and our children, helping them take the next important step in life!   ---- Christine Grijalva