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St. Lucas Church Renewal Capital Campaign



Through the 2016-2020 St. Lucas Church Renewal Capital Campaign, our congregation is moving forward to address much-needed and long overdue infrastructure upgrades to our church facilities. Quite honestly, the identified projects are not flashy, nor merely cosmetic. Instead, these are functional improvements to our church facilities that we can no longer ignore or postpone. Nor can these issues be solved with minor repairs and patchwork solutions.

Under the St. Lucas Church Renewal Campaign, project work will be executed in a step-by-step manner. Priorities have been established to address critical needs first. Work will proceed based upon project funding.  


PROJECT TIMING & COST                                          Year              Estimated Cost

            Sanctuary HVAC and Social Hall Chiller             1                       $330,000

            Building Security & Access Control                    1                        $35,000

            Parking Lot Repair & Replace                             2-3                    $145,000

            Education Building HVAC                                   2-4                      $78,000

            Social Hall Ceiling & Floor                                     5                      $50,000                              

            Sanctuary Roof Replacement                                5                    $100,000

Total Cost (with $12,000 contingences)                                                  $750,000     



SANCTUARY HVAC:  Current heating & air conditioning installed 1997 using ten residential furnaces and six air conditioners. Underground lines compromised. Cooling impacted. Several heat exchangers failing. Diminished heating capacity. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Upgrade to more efficient, commercial grade system. Air conditioning units relocated to top of office building. Existing white fenced area by North Narthex removed and repaved to match adjacent payment.


SOCIAL HALL CHILLER: Installed mid-1980’s. Running at greatly reduced capacity. One compressor has failed; one remains operational. System is past useful life. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Remove and replace with a 40-ton chiller with necessary guardrails and possible screening as required. Achieve full cooling capacity and energy efficiency with latest proven technology.


BUILDING SECURITY: Church buildings unsecure compromising safety of church and preschool. No ability to determine who is entering or exiting the building. No ability to recognize, greet or direct visitors. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Secure all exterior doors during non-church service times. Utilize access keypad during weekday/weeknight hours. Utilize two-way audio/video intercom and door release system to assist visitors. Install video monitoring capability to enhance security of staff, visitors and children in the church and preschool. System will be similar to access control technology successfully used by schools and churches. Included will be all necessary signage as well as security cameras to capture video of specific areas of the church buildings.


PARKING LOT REPLACEMENT: West Lot (preschool) and Upper Lot (Denny Road to middle of cemetery) are stable but requiring selective patchwork. Lower Lot (middle of cemetery to ball fields) is deteriorating and uneven due to an unstable, inadequate base. Lower Lot is beyond patchwork repairs. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Selective pavement repairs to West & Upper Lots. The Lower Lot requires complete removal of existing pavement. The area will be regraded with appropriate base material laid as an adequate foundation, followed by repaving and striping.


EDUCATION BUILDING/PRESCHOOL HVAC: Installed in mid-1980’s. Currently working but nearing end of useful life. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Replace HVAC with more energy efficient system similar to those proposed for sanctuary, consisting of air handlers and heat pumps, reconfiguration of ductwork, line sets, electrical work, thermostats, with integration into sanctuary HVAC control system. New units would be placed where current equipment exists.


SOCIAL HALL IMPROVEMENTS: The Social Hall is the second most used and visible part of the church, but it’s showing its age with deteriorating floor and old, damaged ceiling tiles. Walls in need of fresh paint. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Work consists of replacing social hall floor, painting and replacement of ceiling with materials capable of withstanding impact of volleyballs.


SANCTUARY ROOF: The sanctuary roof was installed in 1971 consisting of asbestos roofing shingles to emulate the look of the slate roof of the original building. It has exceeded its useful life. Now in deteriorating condition with mildew stains and moss which cannot be cleaned without damaging. PROPOSED SOLUTION: Removal/abatement of existing roof, installation of appropriate underlayment material, and installation of new roofing material (to complement appearance of the slate roof on original building).


SUMMARY:  Whether viewed individually or together, these are significant projects, which are beyond the scope of our annual church budget. But all are doable if we come together in a joint giving effort to fund the St. Lucas Church Renewal Campaign. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and your generous gift to address our infrastructure improvements.