• Is a capital campaign really necessary?  Can’t we just add a little bit more money to the budget each year or cut back on some other expenses to pay for these projects?

    Yes, a capital campaign is necessary to fund these projects due to the significant costs of the projects.  Simply cutting back on other expenses will severely alter the overall operation of our church and will limit our ability to deliver God’s work to our congregation and the greater community, and these reductions still will not capture enough savings to fund these projects, even when spread over numerous years.  
  • Can’t we simply repair or replace the heating and cooling units one at a time instead of replacing them all at once?

    All of the units in question are past their life expectancy and multiple units are operating at reduced heating and cooling capacity.  Replacing them as they exist is not fiscally responsible or operationally feasible due to changes in technology and regulatory codes. 

  • Why is there such a concern about security?  I have always felt safe in this church and the community.

    While our church lies within a very safe, well policed community, it does not prevent horrible acts from occurring.  Our church can maintain a balance between being open and welcoming to our congregation and community while making some simple improvements to our building to control and monitor access and limit the potential for harm to our children, members, and staff.

  • Why do we need to repave the parking lot?  Can’t we just patch the crumbling areas?

    While we can and will patch areas of the west parking lot and the upper portion of the main parking lot, the lower half of the main parking lot has problems that lie deeper than just the cracked, crumbling pavement.  This area requires removal, placement of appropriate base material, and new pavement. 

  • Do we really need to replace the ceiling and floor in the Social Hall? 

    The Social Hall is second most used and visible area of the church building as it serves as our “dining room and family room” for our church family and guests.  The floor tile is damaged and deteriorated to the point that it needs replacement.  The ceiling isr egularly damaged by volleyballs, which requires staff to climb up and balance on top of a tall ladder just to replace these ceiling tiles.  This is extremely time consuming and is not particularly safe.  The installation of a more appropriate ceiling material will limit the impact of the volleyballs.   


  • The sanctuary roof does not appear to be leaking but does have some moss and mildew growth on it.  Why don’t you just get it cleaned? 

    Cleaning this roof is extremely difficult due to the steep incline of the roof and the potential for damaging the current roofing material, which is no longer able to be produced or used here.  The roof has out lasted its useful life and is in need of replacement with roofing material that is environmentally friendly and will complement our other slate roofs.

  • Why can’t the church just get a loan to pay for these improvements instead of soliciting for donations to fund these projects?

    The church does have other options that it can pursue, such as a loan. However, the principal and interest payments will create another expense that the church must pay regularly out of the General Fund, which would impact and possibly impede the church from continuing God’s work for our congregation and community.  Our goal is to maximize fundraising opportunities before taking out a loan and incurring an additional expense that creates a fiscal strain on our General Fund. 

  • Can’t the Perpetual Endowment simply increase the amount of money it gives to the church to fund these projects?

    The endowment is currently providing the maximum money allowable on an annual basis to our General Fund and yearly operating budget.

  • These projects seem rather expensive. Isn’t there a way that we can pitch in some voluntary manpower to do some things ourselves to save money? 

    Unfortunately most of these projects will require special skills, certifications, and equipment that goes beyond those possessed by a volunteer workforce made up of members of our congregation.  For example, demolition of heating and cooling systems and removal of our sanctuary roof will require licensed and credentialed individuals to capture and dispose of materials in a manner that is complaint with local, state, and federal regulations.  Pavement work on the parking lot will require the appropriate equipment that is not readily available to the church. 

  • Will $750,000 be enough to pay for these projects?  What if it costs more?  What if it costs less?
    We are confident that this amount should be sufficient to cover these projects as contingency funds have been included in the cost estimates to potentially absorb any unexpected expenses.  If the projects should cost more or less, it will be brought back to the congregation for action.


  • I currently give to the Building Fund through my regular offering. Doesn’t my contribution cover facilities repairs and improvements?

    Your regular giving to the Building Fund does serve numerous building-related costs and regular maintenance incurred by this congregation on a short-term, day-to-day basis. We urge you to maintain ongoing support through you regular offerings as you have in the past. 
    The scope of the projects we’ve outlined in this infrastructure renewal program is sizeable and beyond what can be covered within our current Building Fund or General Fund.  To accomplish this, the members of St. Lucas will need to pull together to make a special giving effort.

  • Who knows the amount of my pledge to the St. Lucas Church Renewal Campaign?

    Although members of the Capital Campaign Committee will contact you for your support and to encourage your generous participation and pledge, they will not know the amount of your pledge, unless you choose to inform them. Only Pam Russo, our Church Business Manager, will have access to information related to your contribution. You can give with our assurance of confidentiality.

  • Do these infrastructure projects enjoy the support of our congregation, Church Council and the pastoral staff of St. Lucas?

    Yes.  These planned improvements benefited from the cooperative input of many stakeholders in our church family.  The scope of work was developed by Building & Grounds and reviewed by Church Council and our pastoral staff. The projects were also presented to the August meeting of our Cabinet for feedback before being put to a chruchwide vote at a special Congregational Meeting on September 10-11, 2016. 
    The need to resolve many of these facilities issues has been widely recognized for some time, but we now realize a special giving effort will be required to address them.  There’s wide agreement on that for sure.  So yes, this is a united effort that we hope to realize through our faithful prayers and combined giving.  We hope you will join us with your own special monetary gift.

  • I certainly recognize the importance of tackling these infrastructure projects now and I want to contribute and give my share.  But I’m unsure of how much I should give. Are there some giving guidelines?

    First, each and every gift is welcomed and will be most helpful in this joint giving effort.  Second, only you can truly determine what you can afford to give. This is very much an individual faith decision that requires purposeful and proportional giving.
    Most of all please remember that your gift to the St. Lucas Renewal Campaign does NOT and should NOT replace your regular offerings. Otherwise we will undermine our ongoing ministries.

    We should also underscore that funding these projects will require shared sacrifice. When you think about it, our regular offerings total approximately $780,000 a year. Thus, to reach our goal of $750,000 in capital improvements will require about 20% per year in additional giving over the next five years.  Finally, the St. Lucas Renewal Campaign is envisioned as a five-year effort. However, as currently planned, much of the expense (more than 50 percent) occurs in the first two years.  Thus, we encourage you to make your donation as soon as possible because the work will not begin until funds are in place.

  • I want to financially support the campaign but have some timing and tax considerations. For example, how to I go about donating appreciated stocks?

    Of course, we’re interested in helping you make your donation more workable and doable for you.  Please contact us, in confidence, if we can assist you with tax or timing considerations.  We realize that tax savings are important to many so we’ll be happy to help you.
    To donate appreciated stock to the Capital Campaign, please contact Pam Russo, our Business Manger in the Church Office to discuss your specific situation. Pam has considerable experience in assisting St. Lucas members with securities donations.  She’ll be happy to walk you through it.

  • Still have questions?  We welcome your inquiries regarding these projects or this funding campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have on any aspect of this renewal effort.