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Confirmation at St. Lucas UCC


 What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is the affirmation of baptism.  Through baptism you enter (or will enter) the worldwide community of the Christian church.  In confirmation you will affirm this.  You wholeheartedly give yourself to, and seek to know, God's will for your life.  Through the Rite of Confirmation, you take Jesus as your Lord and Savior, whom you will follow all the days of your life.  You let God's Holy Spirit guide you in all you do. (My Confirmation p.1)



We are going to share a journey of faith during the coming year.  As a Member of the Confirmation Program you are expected to: 

  • Join us weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and on Sunday mornings (see opening letter for Sunday morning class times).
  • Attend weekly worship services on Sunday mornings with the class and complete a worship worksheet once
    each month.
  • Complete all assignments on time.
  • Attend worship services of different denominations (such as Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.) and interfaith services (such as Jewish, Buddhist, etc.).  Small groups and their leaders may choose to share these experiences together.  Occasionally, the entire group will be invited to go to a common worship experience.
  • Attend confirmation retreats and outings.
  • Complete a final group project, and individual paper.


As the parent of a Confirmand, we hope you will be supportive in the following ways: 

  • Attend classes when parents are needed.
  • Attend weekly worship services with your Confirmand, and consider responding to the Service Worksheet alongside him/her.
  • Identify at least one area where you will volunteer - please consider your time and gifts!  Feel free to contact Amy, Pastor Keith, Dan Coughlin or Kit if you need help finding your niche!
  • Be positive about the program and take an interest in our journey.  Ask your Confirmand about the best and worst part of each class meeting or ask what was new, interesting or challenging to their beliefs.  Be an advocate of confirmation and our confirmation program.
  • Help your Confirmand communicate with Amy, as well as other confirmation leaders/teachers, in advance of any conflict with schedules or programs.
    Please feel free to contact Amy Bush, Pastor Keith Herron or Kit Norton with any concerns or questions you may have.