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Planning for St. Lucas' 2017/18 Confirmation program is underway!  Please complete the form below if you have a student entering the 8th grade this year. Letters will soon be mailed to families of kids we know are entering 8th grade; however, if you do not receive a letter, we may not have your child’s date of birth in our database. If a letter is not received, or should you know of an 8th grader interested in our confirmation program this year, please complete the form below and a letter will be sent ASAP or you can pick one up in the Church Office.  

We look forward to sharing the Confirmation experience with all of you! And please, should you have any questions, feel free to contact any of us!

Amy Bush, Assistant Youth Ministries Coordinator,,
Kit Norton, Youth Ministries Coordinator,,
Rev. Eric Moeller, Associate Minister of Education and Mission,,
and Mr. Dan Coughlin, Confirmation Instructor,

 Learn more about Amy, Kit and Pastor Eric on our Staff page!


Throughout the program year, we will regularly utilize text messaging for Confirmation related reminders and information.  Your cell phone
number(s) will not be shared with 
anyone without your consent.


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