Worship on January 18-19

Rev. Anastassia Sharpe

January 19, 2020

The call of the first followers of Jesus is the message of our Gospel text this week. Those faithful disciples set an incredible example for us, but how are we to follow that example in our own lives? Come explore a modern version of discipleship with me as we look into how that term is commonly defined, and how we might be able to potentially re-define it. Working towards a contemporary version of devoted discipleship will hopefully adapt this Gospel message for you in a way that will help to shape your faith walk into 2020.


-Pastor Anna

Worship on January 11-12

Rev. Anastassia Sharpe

January 12, 2020

Jesus' baptism is the Gospel text for worship this week. Why does Jesus need to be baptized? That's a question I wonder about. Come ponder Christology with me as we explore the impact of Christ's being washed clean by John the Baptist. I hope to share some helpful reflections in this week's sermon, as we focus on how we can relate to our Lord through this unique text.  


-Pastor Anna

Epiphany 2020

Rev. Kelly Archer

January 05, 2020

Expected Arrivals

Rev. Kelly Archer

December 15, 2019

Our Advent Journey continues, encouraged by the lessons of hope and of peace, we gather this weekend to light a candle for joy.

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