Christian Compass

Rev. Anastassia Sharpe

November 10, 2019

Job makes an important proclamation, and the Sadducees ask important questions in this week's Lectionary text. Both stories beg the question of how we are to move forward in the face of trials and tribulations, to which we receive some curious answers. Come hear the good word on the way forward this Sunday as we explore the theme of a "Christian Compass."

The Parable of the Looking Glass

Rev. Carleton Norton

November 03, 2019

Rev. Carleton Norton preaching on James 1:19 - 27. 

Totenfest 2019

Rev. Kelly Archer

October 27, 2019

We celebrated Totenfest during our worship services on October 26th and 27th by remembering those saints from this congregation who have died, as well as, those buried in our cemetery from the previous twelve months. Throughout Christian history, the church has remembered and celebrated the lives of faithful people who have died. Totenfest is a distinctive practice that grows out of the Evangelical tradition of the United Church of Christ; it is a German word that means "Festival of the Dead." It is a way of remaining related to deceased loved ones, as the process of grieving and remembering are vital to our spiritual health.

Wrestling with God

Rev. Carol Keller

October 20, 2019

Our thought for meditation this week is from John Calvin, an ancestor in faith from the Reformed tradition: We cannot separate who God is and what God does from who we are and what we are called to do.

In order to fully grasp who God is and what God does, we go through our own soul searching, our own "wrestling" with God . In life, we are thrust into tragedy, loss and even abandonment. It is during these times we really need to know the presence of God! We cannot just GOOGLE, "Nature of God", and find an answer that will satisfy.  (Unless we try "Dancing Through Life" as the song from Wicked describes: Let's try dancing through life, skimming the surface, landing where turf is smooth; life's more fraughtless if we're thoughtless; those who don't try, never look foolish....." But anyone over 15 knows this approach to life doesn't help.)
Being persistent in faith is a life long journey that will leave us changed, marked in some way, with altered identities. I hope you'll come this weekend to judge a wrestling match between Jacob and a Divine visitor in the night. The outcome has altered history, the present and the future.

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