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Who We Are


At St. Lucas Preschool, your child will learn through direct experiences and age-appropriate activities woven into each day by our dedicated, enthusiastic teachers. Our preschool program attempts to focus on five core areas of learning development…


  • To aid your child in gaining greater command of his/her body and to guide him/her to more satisfying relationships with other children and adults. Large muscle climbing equipment and activities and fine motor exercises will allow your child to practice skills with others of his/her age. While your child is involved in these activities with the other students, he/she will be learning constructive relationships with them.


  • To extend and deepen your child’s understanding of his/her social and scientific world. Community helpers visit the classrooms. Films and special events are planned to complement the classroom study. Simple science experiments are performed to stimulate your child’s curiosity and desire to investigate. Information about good nutrition, animals, nature, seasons, measurements, colors, as well as many other interesting topics are included in our curriculum.


  • To develop competence in the skills of listening and speaking. The relaxed atmosphere of the classroom encourages conversations, and sharing experiences verbally helps your child develop language skills as well as confidence in himself/herself as a contributor to the group.


  • To open doors of creativity and self-discipline through music, literature and the arts.


  • To develop cognitive skills such as the ability to see relationships, to generalize, to arrange and rearrange information and to think critically so that, as your child grows, he/she is able to accept new and changing concepts.

Kindergarten Prep

St. Lucas Preschool has an excellent reputation for preparing children for kindergarten. As noted by a local kindergarten teacher in our Parent Survey, “Well I don’t need to worry about (him/her) since they’re a St. Lucas kid.” 

Small Class Setting

With our small class format, your child enjoys some one-on-one instruction by a caring teacher. The teacher/student ratio is 1/8 in younger classes and 1/10 in the older classes. And yes, classes are arranged according to age.

Nurturing Setting

Our teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated, cooperative, industrious, and creative and have a true rapport with children. We look for teachers with children of their own, who enjoy outside activities in other child-related areas. We have always been blessed with numerous applications for teaching positions and have been able to choose teachers who have proven skills, traits and sensibilities to nurture each child in our preschool. 

Your child will enjoy an array of first-hand experiences in order to learn and grow.

Our Preschool curriculum engages your child in math, literature, natural and physical sciences, music, art, and community life.

Your child will learn in an atmosphere of free expression. Imaginative concepts are blended into fun learning activities.  At St. Lucas Preschool, learning is both fun and enriching for your child!

Under the patient guidance of our teachers, your child will learn to, develop a positive self-image, be proud of his/her achievements and be willing to accept new challenges with confidence.

Through play, your child will learn to be aware of the relationship between freedom and responsibility, be able to accept and observe the limits and boundaries of his/her freedom and develop an ability to respond to others in acceptable and positive ways.

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