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Faith Footsteps Church School provides classes for children from birth through fifth grade during the 9 AM Sunday service. Children preschool through fifth grade begin the service in the Sanctuary. Following Time With Young Disciples, the children move to the Social Hall for sign in and then to their classrooms for the remainder of church school. Infants and toddlers go to their classrooms prior to the beginning of worship.

According to our Keeping God's Children Safe policy, parents of children second grade and younger must accompany their child to the Social Hall for sign in and sign them out of their classroom following worship.


Our Infant and Toddler classes are designed for children birth through two years of age. Children will attend our Crib Room until they are ready to move to the preschool classroom.

Toddler at St. Lucas UCC
Preschoolers a St. Lucas UCC


The curriculum for the preschool age has been developed to allow young children to participate in activities that encourage Christian attitudes and behaviors. The children of these ages are moving from concrete to symbolic thinkers and the lessons of church school are designed to encourage this thinking at the beginning levels. Our lesson plans share the same themes as our Kindergarten-5th grade classes so the whole family will be learning together.


Children in kindergarten through fifth grades participate in a rotation workshop model for church school. Studies have shown that children need sustained periods of time to truly explore and absorb a topic. The children participate weekly in a lesson and supporting activities that allow for multiple learning styles to be accommodated. Our curriculum has been designed to increase Bible literacy and reinforce the children's true understanding of the lesson.

Faith Footsteps at St. Lucas UCC

At St. Lucas we take your child's safety very seriously. We have a safety policy called "Keeping God's Children Safe."


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