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For 40-plus years, St. Lucas Preschool has been preparing our youngest to thrive in school through an enriching  early-childhood learning program. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian preschool open to all children. Our Preschool serves the needs of 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old children, preparing them for the Kindergarten experience, showing them that learning can be fun and demonstrating how we can work together in a group situation. We foster your child’s learning through direct experiences and a full spectrum of age-appropriate activities. Each day provides a mix of learning opportunities including creative and physical activities, language arts and free play and it’s all provided in a nurturing environment.


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“My family has loved St. Lucas Preschool since 1986! My sister and I were students at St. Lucas many years ago. I remember my parents saying often how I loved going to school there so I knew one day I wanted my kids to go there as well. My oldest son is currently enrolled at St. Lucas and his brother is not far behind him! Over the years St. Lucas has stayed a top preschool in the area known for fully preparing their students for Kindergarten. The teachers and assistants are so pleasant and upbeat, they created a really positive and safe environment. My husband and I are highly satisfied with the quality of care they provide. I am thrilled that my son had the same experience I did, and with full confidence recommend St. Lucas Preschool to anyone looking for a great school for their kids! "

Lauren Ortinau

"St. Lucas preschool is where I knew I wanted to send my children.  My oldest had such a positive introduction to school.  It provided a great springboard for a life long love of learning - what a gift!  My mother sent all three of her kids including myself there and is a firm believer our love for learning stems from our preschool experience.  When her grandchildren were getting close to preschool age she explained to us, "St. Lucas kids are the most prepared for Kindergarten, both emotionally and academically!"  My youngest will now be the sixth grandchild to start St. Lucas.  And, I couldn't agree with her more.  St. Lucas helps create considerate little people.  Walking in that building gives you a warm and loving feeling that you will remember for a lifetime."

Sarah Miller

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The Preschool staff at St. Lucas all have one thing in common - a passion for nurturing and educating children.


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Download your class calendar for a peek into what is happening in your child's class and reminders of field trips and other activities.

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