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Continuing to Help Our Refugee Family Settle In to Their New Home

This past week, Paul Litzsinger and Donovan Larson helped the father bring home some needed household items, diapers, and clothing from the warehouse at the International Institute. These items were donated by generous people such as you within the St. Louis community. They also helped assemble a drying rack for clothing that Paul had purchased. While having tea with the family they discussed many topics (with the help of Google Translate).

After our team’s weekly Zoom meeting on Friday morning to coordinate our efforts to help this family, Dan and Kathy Herron and I visited their apartment to deliver and check on several things. Dan had used his skill as a woodworker to modify & refinish a cabinet for the sewing machine. The finished product is beautiful, and the mother really appreciated having it. Donovan was able to provide some sewing machine oil that will be needed to keep the sewing machine working smoothly. We also delivered a child’s desk that Dan had refinished beautifully with help from Kathy. When asked, the mother said she would be interested in getting chairs to go with the sewing cabinet & child’s desk. We’ll be able to help with that next week.

Dan went down to the basement to check out electrical, water, access, etc. for the washer and dryer we hope to bring. He took lots of photos, including the circuit breaker boxes. All looks good for connecting the appliances. While Dan was downstairs, I used Google translate to explain to the mother about the online English class that she could take at home. She wants to take it. I explained that she would need to go to the International Institute to register for it and the kids could come along. I confirmed that I will pick her up on Thursday to take her to the registration appointment.

The mother indicated their internet was not working. I looked at the mobile hotspot we had borrowed from the library. I called the library, and they explained how to reboot the device. I rebooted the hotspot, and she was able to connect. Using Google translate I explained what she needed to do if it stopped working again.

More news to come,

Shirley Bild

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