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Supporting an Afghan Family in St. Louis

The team from St. Lucas, who is working with a young Afghan family, have made some progress since we met the family just over 3 weeks ago. We helped them get various household goods, furnishings, and food. We helped them learn to use the nearby laundromat, get a library card, borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot, and enroll their 6-year-old in school. They speak very little English, but the father is now attending ESL classes. Their needs are great, but acclimating to St. Louis, and dealing with language, culture, and simple everyday needs, are their current challenges. The members of the Social Justice Committee are doing their best to smooth the way for this deserving family. Any questions can be directed to Bill Biedenstein, or Donovan Larson.

For those wanting to know how they can help, at this time, the family we are working with could use gift cards to Schnucks. Our team will get any donated gift cards to the family. If there are other specific items, we will let you know. There are also many opportunities to help with the broader resettlement effort thru the International Institute. See https://www.iistl.org/siv/ for more information. Please keep in mind that any financial donations should be in addition to your regular contributions to the church.

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