St. Lucas UCC Unity Statement

We Are United. United in Christ.

Our Mission

St. Lucas UCC unites Christians in the worship of God and affirms life-long Christian education, faithful discipleship and caring service in God's name.


Our Promise

St. Lucas UCC members, united in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, strive to live faithfully, grow spiritually and serve lovingly all of God's Creation. 


We Believe

In the priesthood of all Christian believers grounded in the person of our Lord Jesus and in our UCC heritage.

In being a united and uniting Church for and of diverse Christians.

In providing Christian support and care for members to grow in Christian faith.

In encouraging an open, direct path to God through personal prayer and devotion.

In the guidance of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Scriptures and in the work of our community.

In working to do God's will at St. Lucas UCC and beyond.

In the primacy of the Bible and the revelation of the Holy Spirit as sources for understanding the Good News.

The Bible still speaks to us in our present condition and we read it faithfully with the expectancy of new insights and contemporary relevance.

We are bound together by God's love and our belief in unity of essentials, diversity in nonessentials, and charity in all things.


Our Vision

St. Lucas UCC strives to reflect God's just and loving purposes for the world.

St. Lucas UCC works to minister to the needs of the wider community and contribute to the general and spiritual welfare of God's people.

We seek to be faithful in the depth of our spirituality, faithful in the heights of our vitality, faithful in the breadth of our potential for ministry and faithful in our dedication to the cause of Christ.

St. Lucas UCC is an anchor to the surrounding community and a beacon of Christ's love for the wider community.

We foster the faith footsteps of our young people with age-appropriate, Bible-based lessons and Christian fellowship.

We extend Christ's invitation to all, welcoming everyone to find Christian support, love and fellowship within our church.

We combine fellowship and volunteer service opportunities to forge a closer bond for all to our Church, to each other, and to those in need.


Our Core Commitments

Be good stewards of God's resources and our Church talent, treasure and facilities.

Reach and engage all ages in God's loving ministry and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Support and foster the faith lives and spiritual needs of our fellow Christians.

Present a traditional faith relevant to contemporary living.