St. Lucas started a vision process to determine the future direction for St. Lucas by gathering input from our members. Our Council has selected the visioning process proposed by Dr. Dick Hamm, who will also serve as a mentor and coach to the vision team.


The visioning process is a 5 - 7 year journey, with several steps:



The Contextual Analysis is a living document showing who we are today and the community that we serve. The Contextual Analysis was shared with the congregation on April 14, 2013. Copies are available from the church office. We continue to welcome your feedback concerning the Contextual Analysis.

PERIOD OF discernment

The congregation was invited to join a Visioning Triad, where groups of three members could prayerfully consider what God is calling St. Lucas to be in the next 5 to 7 years. The visioning triads were very successful with over 150 participants meeting for 10 sessions over a 4 month period. Additional one hour and three hour triad workshops were scheduled for members who could not attend formal triads. We also received additional input from the congregation in the form of letters and emails.



The Future Story provides a glimpse into the general direction God calls for us as we move forward into a successful future. The Vision Team was able to identify and discern several major themes which were used to build the Future Story. The Future Story was affirmed by the congregation during a special presentation on November 17, 2013. The Future Story will serve as a roadmap as we complete the visioning process.

Strategic plan

A strategic month-by-month plan will be developed to implement the Future Story. The Strategic Plan will be a living document and will change as our needs change. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed and updated every 6 months during the visioning process.

implementation plan

Our Implementation Team is currently implementing the strategic plan:


Michelle Dirksen
Beth Elmore
Connie Fehl
Dave Heine
Lauren Hoggatt
Ed Hubbel
Bob Lewis
Mary Morgan
Paul Simons
Sue Simmons 
Pat Stephens

Questions About Where We Are In The Process?