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Special Congregational Meeting

Dear Members of St. Lucas United Church of Christ,

The Church Council of St. Lucas UCC has called a Special Congregational Meeting for the purpose of considering the call of Reverend George Miller as its settled Senior Pastor.

The meeting will commence on Saturday, April 27, 2024, immediately following the 5:00 pm worship service. Active members in attendance will consider the question and be provided with a secret ballot for voting on the motion to call Reverend Miller. The ballots will be collected, and the meeting will be adjourned until immediately following the 9:30 worship service on Sunday, April 28. At that time the meeting will be reopened, and the motion considered for active members in attendance both in person and virtually. Active members who attended the service and meeting on Saturday evening will not be allowed to vote at the meeting on Sunday.

Members are encouraged to attend one of the two sessions in person. Recognizing the barriers of physical attendance for some active members, a link will be provided for them to participate in the Sunday morning meeting. Voting will be conducted both in person and virtually with all ballots being kept anonymous. All ballots will be mixed and counted by the Church Council immediately following the vote on Sunday and results announced at that time.

The St. Lucas UCC Constitution and Bylaws require an eighty-five percent (85%) majority of active members present and voting at a duly called meeting to elect a called settled pastor.

This is a landmark event in the life of St. Lucas United Church of Christ. We encourage all active members to participate and to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we mark this occasion.


Martin Schmidt MD

President, St. Lucas UCC


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