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Figuring out WIC and the Importance of a Baby Swing

Today, we drove the Afghan family’s mother to the WIC office to get their card renewed. This WIC program focuses on healthy eating habits, promoting fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy, to ensure that, although a child is poor, they have the advantage of good nutrition. I stayed to help, and watched the three-year-old go through her mom’s purse, pulling out her phone, and watched the baby gaze around the room, when I wasn’t chasing the three-year-old away from other random WIC computers.

Although the mother of three, and a midwife, was completely competent in food decisions, she learned some tricks in the mechanics of the WIC card. No doubt she looks forward to the day when she can manage her own budget.

The husband stayed home to see his six-year-old safely off the school bus, and when we returned, he noted several new “to-dos”. One was to get new batteries for the baby swing. I remembered the critical value of a swing in a mother’s toolbox, and I had seen an affordable "plug-in" used swing at the Kirkwood store, Once Upon a Child. So, I bought it this afternoon, and we set it up in quick enough time for me to get home for supper.

The family's challenges range from learning English, to obtaining a driver's license, to keeping ties with their wider Afghan family, to mice behind the walls. But, they are making progress, and offers of help keep coming in. Thank you all.

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